Wednesday , November 25 2015

CSR Racing 2 v1.1.0 APK + DATA

CSR Racing 2

CSR Racing 2 v1.1.0 – CSR 2 is here. The next-gen sequel to the record-breaking CSR Racing has finally arrived and it will blow your mind. Setting a new standard in visuals, CSR 2 smashes the current console generation by delivering hyper-real drag racing to your iPhone and iPad. Beat live players across the world and build your dream garage ...

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Savant – Ascent v1.70.6 APK + DATA

Savant - Ascent

Savant – Ascent v1.70.6 – Based off Savant’s universe, the game has you battling scrap robots to reclaim your tower. Fight your way up the enemy-infested tower, dodging and shooting your way to the top. As you progress through the different stages, you’ll unlock new Savant tracks, along with powerful upgrades. Clearing the game will reward you with new game ...

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Lost Echo v1.7.9 APK + DATA

Lost Echo

Lost Echo v1.7.9 – In the near future Greg’s girlfriend Chloe mysteriously disappears in front of him. He starts a desperate search for her. What happened? Why does no-one else remember her? In this indie, story driven adventure game you explore fully 3d environments using an intuitive point and click interface. Solve puzzles, explore, play minigames, interact with numerous characters ...

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Trivia Crack (Ad free) v2.3.3 APK

Trivia Crack (Ad free)

Trivia Crack (Ad free) v2.3.3 – TAKE A CRACK AT OUTSMARTING YOUR FRIENDS IN THIS AWARD-WINNING TRIVIA GAME! Trivia Crack is the international smash hit game that pits friend against friend in different categories to determine who has the most trivia knowledge. Each of the six categories (Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports and History) has a corresponding character, and the ...

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Evel Knievel v1.0.4 APK

Evel Knievel

Evel Knievel v1.0.4 – “Anybody can jump a motorcycle. The trouble begins when you try to land it!” – Evel Knievel Now it’s your chance to step into the shoes of the legendary daredevil hero with the Official Evel Knievel game! Relive his spectacular career, starting with a humble 250cc Scrambler jumping Rattlesnakes and Lions, working your way up to ...

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Transport Tycoon v0.38.2311 APK + DATA

Transport Tycoon

Transport Tycoon v0.38.2311 – Take control of your own fledgling transport company, and use your engineering skill and business acumen to keep cargo and passengers moving – and keep the money rolling in! Transport Tycoon contains everything that made the original PC game an all-time classic, plus a whole host of brilliant new features – bigger, richer worlds, deeper simulation ...

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ZPlayer v5.3 APK


ZPlayer v5.3 – Zplayer is designed around the easy and content driven “metro” style. Although looking minimal, it packs a huge punch! ZPlayer offers: • Music Features – Media Player – Listening history – Auto generated playlists (Most Played, Favorite songs, Recently Added) – Metadata (Album reviews, artist biographies, similar artists, similar albums) – Music weekly trends (artist top tracks, ...

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