Wednesday , September 28 2016

Goat Simulator GoatZ v1.3.5 APK + DATA

Goat Simulator GoatZ

Goat Simulator GoatZ v1.3.5 – GoatZ is the latest official addition to the Goat Simulator universe, and is a fine contender for the dumbest thing to come from Coffee Stain Studios yet – GOATS AND ZOMBIES IN THE SAME GAME! Well if you’re not already yelling at your mom to buy the game for you right away, maybe this will ...

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T-BatteryPro Monitor v1.11 APK

T-BatteryPro Monitor

T-BatteryPro Monitor v1.11 – T-BatteryPro shows the battery charge level and the remaining life based on current use; Also checks temperature, voltage, health, capacity and technology. T-BatteryPro include several customizable widgets. T-BatteryPro is the evolution of T-Battery; simple, accurate and light. Designed for smartphones and tablets. What’s New Reduced battery drain Bugs fixed Version: 1.11 Size: 2.2 MB Required: Android ...

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Bomberlands (Unreleased) v0.98 APK + DATA

Bomberlands (Unreleased)

Bomberlands (Unreleased) v0.98 – В 2096 году человечество познало мир — началась эра супергероев. Каждый третий человек мастерил себе костюм, насмотревшись популярных фильмов. Преступность была искоренена, даже магазинные воришки могли быть уверены, что при попытке кражи на выходе их будет ждать кто-то в цветном костюме. Казалось бы, наступила золотая эпоха? Все испортил тот, кого все считали «суперзлодеем». Профессор Копатель, построивший ...

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Axe and Fate 2 3D RPG v2.30 MOD APK + DATA

Axe and Fate 2 3D RPG

Axe and Fate 2 3D RPG v2.30 MOD – Axe and Fate 2 is a real turn-based RPG game with classic game mechanics, a fair and well-balanced scoring system, and smart enemy AI. You’re free to move your characters over gridless areas. It is a first person turn-based Dungeon Crawler with unique controls letting you immerse into the world of ...

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jetAudio Music Player+EQ Plus v7.3.2 APK

jetAudio Music Player Plus

jetAudio Music Player+EQ Plus v7.3.2 – jetAudio Plus is a mp3 music player with 10/20 bands graphic equalizer and various sound effects. jetAudio for Windows is the highest rated and most downloaded media player on CNET.COM and now you can listen to same high-quality sound on your Android phone using jetAudio. It plays almost any type of digital music files ...

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Zombie Cruise v1.1 APK

Zombie Cruise

Zombie Cruise v1.1 – Passengers that step aboard the ‘Caribbean Pearl’ this time will be stepping directly into the horror and the undead nightmare. Surrounded by a vast ocean, there will be no escape for these guests when the zombies are released. When a cruise ship full of tourists turn into Zombie Cruise, you are the only one that can ...

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Puzzle Alarm Clock Pro v3.0.1.328 APK

Puzzle Alarm Clock Pro

Puzzle Alarm Clock Pro v3.0.1.328 – We know you have a problem with getting up in the morning, and we want to change it! Puzzle Alarm Clock will check if you’re awake enough before you’re allowed to turn alarms off. Puzzle Alarm Clock features: – Disabling alarm clock with an NFC tag and QR code, – Random puzzles with every ...

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