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Baamboo Player Premium 3.5

Baamboo Player Premium 3.5 – Fantastic music lyrics player with many useful features

– Allow editing metadata (ID3 tag) in mp3 files (title, album, artist, …)

– Browse music by folders, exclude folders that you don’t want to load.
– Multi songs selection for playling.
– Control the now playing list: add and remove songs, select to play/pause a song.
– Sleep timer.
– Auto search missing album cover art.
– Sync the lyrics while music playing, auto search for missing lyrics for English, Korean (Romanization), Indonesian songs.
– Load lyrics from .lrc file (.lrc can be gotten from Minilyrics program on PC)
– Save cover art to your mp3 file so that other players can show it.
– BBM™ function: post playing song title to BBM™ profile status.
– Change playback time by select a line in the lyrics.
– Repeater on lyrics: play a focus part of a song repeatedly by choosing start and end line in the lyrics.

Baamboo Player Premium v3.5
Baamboo Player Premium v3.5 BlackBerry
Baamboo Player Premium v3.5 BlackBerry App

Version: 3.5
File Size: 2 MB
Required: 5.0.0 or higher

Please read:
I will give you serial, But you MUST FOLLOW first and then leave your PIN on Comment Box below.


1. Switch Off the Network and Wifi, then Open Baamboo Player Premium v3.5 and Paste the serial. After it don’t close the application, Press and Hold Menu Key and go to Manage Connection then Switch On the Network again and you can Go Back to Baamboo Player Premium. Done..

2. If the application says “Could not find purchase information for your device. If you have purchased…..” , Do the step one again. 


If you do not find the song lyrics, click the menu button on the app and select edit tag, write the title of the song and the singer correctly and save.

If you already have Old Key (Baamboo Player Premium v3.3), use it – Gunakan code lama jika kamu sudah punya.

Download Baamboo Player Premium v3.5
OTA (http://url.prohp.net/zmxju)

This app serial just for evaluate, if you like the app please buy from AppWorld. 😉

Request Serial? HERE

BlackBerry World

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  1. Hie can u jst provide me d serial. Key….my bbm pin is 233433B8

  2. revan shandy idha wijaya

    Give me serial 28cbb297 🙂

    Thanks ^_^

  3. pin : 2a4acf3a
    plis gan..

  4. Mas tolong serial nya untuk pin: 2A1ECA8C terima kasih 🙂

  5. Serial’a gan
    Pin gw 2777598f

  6. Pls snd me d serial number 290ED96B tnx

  7. pls give me the serial PIN 29303135

  8. pls give me the serial number~~
    pin: 29254953

  9. Mas.. plis donk serial Baamboo Player Premium-nya..
    Pin : 2A4ACF3A
    makasih sebelumnya..

  10. Bang, tolong code serial nya bang. Pin saya 32FD99E3
    Makasi ya bg 🙂

  11. Mas.. plis donk serial Baamboo Player Premium-nya..
    Pin : 26424762
    makasih sebelumnya..

  12. Licensenya gan.. (Y)

  13. 28C1EE41

    Plesae serial number….

  14. Hi my pin is 2A9F5F2E thnk u

  15. Plesae serial number

  16. doyankpopou@gmail.com

    give me serial key Baamboo Player Premium 3.5
    my pin : 313A6354

  17. Pleeeaseee Serial number 215E050E 🙂

  18. Please give serial…

  19. Serial Number please…. 27025CC8
    Thanks in-advance

  20. Pls Serial Key…. 27025CC8
    Thanks In Adv

  21. Ini mas 3217c65d

  22. Tnxs, 2866A475

  23. I need a serial of baamboo Player Premium V.3.5
    Please give me serial key Baamboo Player Premium 3.5
    My pin 3220C2B0

  24. PIN 27742458
    need serial key please

  25. Please give me a keY my PIN: 2259229F.
    Thanks so much

  26. Serial min , ane udh follow 😀


  27. Tolong dong lisensi nya 29815510

  28. Please key baamboo player premium v3.5
    Pin BB 2b2e2280

  29. Pls serial 21BO24F5

  30. Nih bro gw bantuin 2 biji aje ye >.<

    233433B8 – 623247406380F113DCFB
    28cbb297 – FC42412A4812758642C2

  31. Gan , , minta tolong yahh . . Nihh pin anee . .
    2a8bfd82 . . Makasih sebelumnya . . ^_^

  32. Please key baamboo player premium v3.5
    Pin BB 284b46ca

  33. revan shandy idha wijaya

    Makasi ya agan Indra Gifari 🙂

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    pin 29376d19

  37. Hallo bro
    Please give me serial number baamboo player 3.5
    Thank you

  38. pin:25CDEF33

    Serial key baamboo

  39. Please give me serial key Baamboo Player Premium 3.5
    My PIN: 22857215

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    pin: 25C59ED9

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    Give me the serial for bamboo player 3.5
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