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MonkeyJump Lite v1.0.1

MonkeyJump Lite v1.0.1 – Monkey has lost in the temple area and requires your help! Help monkey to climb across the pillars avoiding its enemies like snakes, squirrels, crows and dragonflies. In the advent, picking fruits like banana, watermelon, papaya makes monkey survive against its enemies. Good fortunes brings the magical mat into picture making monkey to sail in the sky for a while. Hitting the swinging bells could cost a life for monkey. Weapons help to equip monkey with a protective shield blocking every other enemies which comes in its way.

Grab those treasure boxes, coins and stars to make the monkey rich scoring bonus points. Game keeps track of monkey’s achievements listing the grabbed fruits, weapons, bonus points, magic mat etc… Challenge your friends by hitting the highest score mark! Share the scores with your friends in facebook!

Instructions for gamers:

All you need is to tap on the screen to make the monkey jump from one pillar to the other.

Banana = 1 life.
Watermelon = 2 lives.
Papaya = 3 lives.

Mace blocks obstacles for 3 seconds.
Shield blocks obstacles for 6 seconds.
Axe blocks obstacles for 9 seconds.

Magic Mat takes you to the flight of 3 seconds.
Super magic mat takes you to the flight of 6 seconds.

Coin gets you 25 points.
Treasure Box gets you 50 points.
Star gets you 100 points.

MonkeyJump Lite v1.0.1

MonkeyJump Lite v1.0.1 for BlackBerry

Version: 1.0.1
File Size: 3 MB
Required: BlackBerry Device with Screen Resolution 640 x 480 (9900, 9930, 9981)

Download MonkeyJump Lite v1.0.1
OTA (http://url.prohp.net/lwcfh)

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