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File bar to Upgrade to OS by Sachesi for all BB10

File bar to Upgrade to OS by Sachesi for all BB10 – This morning the new OS appears v10.2.1.2234 with autoload file. Update the OS with the autoload file is to help clean the machine as new machine but lost the backup / restore data and reinstall the app. And Sachesi is a great solution for those “lazy” backup / restore, and also saves time when upgrading OS.

Sachesi 1.1.3

I have taken all the necessary files to be used for BB10 Sachesi upgrade your OS without losing data. As the update via OTA. People download the zip file corresponding to your model below for BB10 to install okay.

1. Download the installer corresponding to your BB10

2. Extract the zip file will be one directory containing the installation files so that you can upgrade to OS

3. Running Sachesi, select the Install tab (shown above), if you run first, then enter the password of the machine (if any) to Sachesi connect with your BB10. Then press the Folder button to select the folder unzipped in step 2 (or drag / drop the folder into Sachesi).

4. Wait Sachesi bar load all the files in that folder. When finished, the following screen appears automatically restart and BB10 is finished.

NOTE: if you do update from an older OS version, the more load on the Apps again okay following:

Done, everything intact and OS were up in 2234, Radio 2235 (Software Release

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