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Super Wiper 2.1 for BlackBerry

Super Wiper v2.1 is 3 in 1 tools for BBOS (BlackBerry OS) 

Super Wiper v2.1 for BlackBerry

The main fuction:
1. Super Wipe
Clean all usage data, include Operating System
You must backup all data before doing Wipe.

Super Wiper

2. Load Rapido
To reinstall OS with Rapido method
– Please put the rapido file in C:\Program Files\Super Wiper 2.1
– Renamed rapido file as: os_rapido

Load Rapido

3. Reset BUYR
Reset counter data that counted since the device used. How much data received and transmitted over the device used.

Reset BUYR

Tested in Windows 7

Size: 12 MB
Version: 2.1

Download Super Wiper v2.1 for BlackBerry

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