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Tools & Other

Titanium Backup Pro v8.0.0 APK

Titanium Backup PRO

Titanium Backup PRO v8.0.0 – Titanium Backup is the most powerful backup tool on Android, and then some. You can backup, restore, freeze (with Pro) your apps + data + Market links. This includes all protected apps & system apps, plus external data on your SD card. You can do 0-click batch & scheduled backups. Backups will operate without closing ...

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3C System Tuner Pro v3.20.7 APK

System Tuner Pro

3C System Tuner Pro v3.20.7 – Android Tuner Free version 1.0RC1 allows you to migrate to Android Tuner for free and remove ads and unlock features in app screens which you paid for in System Tuner Pro, those are the task, apps, cpu and tweaks managers as well as the logcat reader and terminal. All other ads will be shown ...

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Minuum Keyboard v3.5.2 APK

Minuum Keyboard

Minuum Keyboard v3.5.2 – MAKE THE MOST OF YOUR SCREEN SPACE WITH MINUUM, THE LITTLE KEYBOARD FOR BIG FINGERS! Minuum takes up less than half the screen space of regular keyboards while still allowing you to type delightfully fast and surprisingly sloppy—all thanks to magical auto-correction. Spend 15 seconds with the introductory tutorial and you’ll be able to start typing ...

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1Tap Cleaner Pro v2.92 APK

1Tap Cleaner Pro

1Tap Cleaner Pro v2.92 – 1-Tap to clean all cache, search histories and calls log. A defaults cleaner is also included. Are you running out of application storage? You now can get more available storage space by clearing apps created cache/data files. *** Over 4,000,000 Downloads! *** ★ Cache Cleaner ★ History Cleaner ★ Call/Text log Cleaner ★ Defaults Cleaner ...

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AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.06 APK

AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD)

AppMgr Pro III (App 2 SD) v4.06 – AppMgr (also known as App 2 SD) is a totally new design app that provides the following components: ★ Move apps: moves apps to either internal or external storage for getting more available app storage ★ Hide apps: hides system (built-in) apps from the app drawer ★ App manager: manages apps for ...

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RAM Manager Pro v8.7.0 APK

RAM Manager Pro

RAM Manager Pro v8.7.0 – ROOT IS REQUIRED!!! EACH ROOT USER MUST HAVE THIS APPLICATION! IF YOU FIND A BUG OR IF YOU HAVE SOME PROBLEM, CONTACT ME BEFORE YOU GIVE LOW RATING, PLEASE. This application optimizes the RAM of all android devices and improves the performance in all directions. RAM Manager manages your memory, makes your system as fast ...

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Flashlight PRO v1.10 APK

Flashlight PRO v1.10 – This is ad free (no ads) version of my Flashlight: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gamma.flashlight Instantly turn your device into a flashlight. Flashlight in your pocket – when you need it, where you need it. Essential app for every Android device. Flashlight app used your camera LED at full power, making it the brightest flashlight. Flashlight app has the following ...

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Battery Saver Pro v1.0.1 APK

Battery Saver Pro

Battery Saver Pro v1.0.1 – This app makes your battery last longer! Get up to 120% more battery life for Android phones! With Battery Saver Pro smart pre-set battery power management modes, one-touch controls and healthy charge stage features, solve battery problems and extend your battery life. You can view all your android mobile hardware and software details with just ...

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Root Cleaner v7.0.5 APK

Root Cleaner

Root Cleaner v7.0.5 – Simple and effective application which a lot increases your peformance by cleaning your system. You can choose between quick cleaning and full cleaning. Quick cleaning clears your memory, file cache, etc. and you can do that without reboot. Full cleaning requires reboot, but it makes really total maintenance of your system. Full cleaning is also great ...

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X-plore File Manager v3.91.04 donated APK

X-plore File Manager

X-plore File Manager v3.91.04 donated – X-plore allows you to see inside of your Android device. And also outside. This is a dual-pane explorer, there are two folders shown at same time, and common operation such as copying files are done from one pane to another. And X-plore shows folder hierarchy in a tree view. This offers clear orientation on ...

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