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Never To Be Konkered Strategy v1.6.2 APK

Never To Be Konkered Strategy

Never To Be Konkered Strategy v1.6.2 – Do you like to play Risk? Do you like to play Civilization? Take the game concept of Risk and add a little of Civilization units and upgrades and you will get Never to be Konkered. Select a nation from 56 available & conquer 93 cities in Europe, in the year 1453. Train the ...

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Prison Life RPG v1.4.1 APK + DATA

Prison Life RPG

Prison Life RPG v1.4.1 – Dear prisoners, this is Warden speaking. Welcome to the Prison, where you are SENTENCED to play! Can you survive the harsh prison life? Can you escape before your execution? ****NO ADS AND IAP ALLOWED**** Prison Life RPG is a premium game with no ads or in-app purchases. Hurray! PRISON BROCHURE Prison Life is a Roguelike+Survival+Simulation+Role-Playing ...

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Désiré (Desire) v1.0.4 APK + DATA

Désiré (Desire)

Désiré (Desire) v1.0.4 – Désiré is a poetic point-and-click adventure game in black and white. When the schoolteacher asks Désiré why he didn’t draw the sun like the other pupils, he replies spontaneously: « It’s always night in my head. » Désiré is colour-blind from birth and he will lead you into in world of black and white. He marches ...

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Neo Monsters v1.4.7 MOD APK

Neo Monsters

Neo Monsters v1.4.7 MOD – Capture & Evolve! 900 Animated Monsters! You have just inherited your late Uncle Hector’s monster ranch. Capture and train monsters for your ranch as you explore a world with over 900 fully animated monsters. Battle your team against powerful rivals, and become the Grand Champion of the Monster Leagues! Take your teams online to fight ...

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UNKILLED v0.8.1 MOD – UNKILLED is a winner! The multiply awarded best-looking mobile shooter you have ever seen. Online multiplayer, extra long storyline, special ops, many unique weapons NYC is the center of the world’s latest zombie outbreak. You are Joe, member of the anti-zombie unit WOLFPACK, a private military organization designed to find, track, and eliminate the zombies and ...

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Guild of Dungeoneering v0.8.3 APK + DATA

Guild of Dungeoneering

Guild of Dungeoneering v0.8.3 – Become the ultimate Dungeon Master as you bribe, entice and coax your heroes through their adventures on a quest to restore your guild to its ultimate glory! Guild of Dungeoneering is a unique turn-based RPG with a twist: instead of controlling the hero, you build the dungeon around him. Using cards drawn from your Guild ...

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Causality v1.2.3 APK


Causality v1.2.3 – Causality is a puzzle game about manipulating time, altering the sequence of events and changing the outcome of each level. Set across strange and alien landscapes, help a group of stranded astronauts find a route to safety. Travel through time, work with your past selves and solve paradoxes as you take on this uniquely challenging puzzler. Each ...

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Final Fantasy v5.2 APK

Final Fantasy

Final Fantasy v5.2 – “FINAL FANTASY” may not perform as intended on the latest version of Android. We ask for your patience and understanding as we work to address this issue in the coming days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, and hope that you continue to enjoy playing “FINAL FANTASY”. —————— ============================= The size of the application ...

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MoboPlayer Pro v3.1.115 APK


MoboPlayer v3.1.115 – The best video player on Android! Watch any of your videos on a phone without conversion, anytime and anywhere. We feature the best playback experience and quality. Our video player supports: All video formats (need to choose “software decoding” mode in most cases) Popular subtitle formats such as SRT, ASS, and SAA Subtitles built in MKV, MPV, ...

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Root Call Blocker Pro v2.5.3.34.B96 APK

Root Call Blocker Pro

Root Call Blocker Pro v2.5.3.34.B96 – Root Call Blocker 2 is a powerful call, SMS and MMS blocker for root users. Stop bill collectors and text message spammers 100% of the time with our unique root-enabled call manager. Now with better everything! Unlike other call filters, Root Call Blocker silently blocks calls at a system level. You need not even ...

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