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Crazy Duck Hunt v1.3

Crazy Duck Hunt

Crazy Duck Hunt v1.3 – The birds are taking over everything, use all your aim to shoot and kill them all. Version: 1.3 File Size: 5 MB Required: BlackBerry Device with Screen Resolution 640 x 480 (9900, 9930, 9981) Download Crazy Duck Hunt v1.3 OTA (http://url.prohp.net/tqenn) Offline BlackBerry World appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/19312136/


Lazy Cat v1.0.1

Lazy Cat

Lazy Cat v1.0.1 – Lazy Cat is a logic game. A player should help the Cat to find the way to his box. The problem is that there are obstacles – dogs and pills, they will make the mission harder. All in all 25 amazing levels will help to spend your time with pleasure! Version: 1.0.1 File Size: 1 MB …


Jigsaw Kids v1.9

Jigsaw Kids

Jigsaw Kids v1.9 – Classic Jigsaw, specially adapted for game play by Kids. Complete the image by swapping tiles. Simple game design, easy levels and vibrant game images, everything to make it the ideal Jigsaw app for kids. Spend some fun time with your kids unscrambling these beautiful and vivid images. Features: * Multiple Difficulty levels * Preview – so …


Cubic 2D v2.1

Cubic 2D

Cubic 2D v2.1 – Cubic 2D is rubix cube game in 2 Dimension! Create the pattern by dragging the cubes from left to right or top to bottom with just a simple swipe of your finger. Choose from a variety of addictive patterns, Letters/Numbers, Animals, Objects, Shapes, Abstract categories! Enjoy the hours of fun with a beautiful and ultra addictive …


Copter v1.1


Copter v1.1 – It’s time to fly higher and explore the adventures of sky!! Copter is an entertaining game where your goal is to keep flying your Helicopter while collecting as many coins as you can. Watch out for the obstacles like Hot Air Balloons, Airplanes and Sky-Scrapers. Download now to start the ultimate fun! Features: • 20 exciting levels …


Stick Runner v1.0

Stick Runner

Stick Runner v1.0 – Stick Runner is a fast-paced running game. Your goal is to run as fast & far as possible while collecting all the coins on the way. The more coins you collect the higher is your score. Watch out for the obstacles like blocks or gaps between the buildings and jump over them. Keep an eye on …


Final Kombat v1.0

Final Kombat

Final Kombat v1.0 – Year 20XX, Metrocity has been taken by criminal bands. Mr K and his ciberninjas control the streets and only you are capable of stopping them. You’ll have to pick up the bombs you’ll see to move on to the next level. You will be able to move forward and jump on different platforms to avoid the …


Doodle Art Studio v1.6

Doodle Art Studio

Doodle Art Studio v1.6 – Turn your phone into a sketch book. Doodle Paint is a versatile drawing tool for your BlackBerry Smartphone to create impressive images using a wide range of tools. You can draw on a plain colored background or an image saved in the gallery and create wonderful graffiti on the touchscreen of your smartphone. Key Features …


Block Traffic v1.1.4

Block Traffic

Block Traffic v1.1.4 – Block Traffic is an exciting puzzle game where you need to get your car out of the parking lot by moving other cars out of its way. An addictive game, bound to keep you engaged for hours. The easy-to-use interface and game design appeals to users across all age groups. This version comes with 40 prepackaged …


Panda Escape v1.0

Panda Escape

Panda Escape v1.0 – Whom do Ninjas hate the most? The Pandas. This hatred has attained a new level. The Ninjas are out to kill the Panda and wipe his trace off this planet. Would you be able to ward the blood thirsty Ninjas off the Panda? Or would the Panda meet his fate at the hands of his detractors? …