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Space Defender Pro v3.0

Space Defender Pro

Space Defender Pro v3.0 – Push through hundreds of little enemy spaceships to reach their bases. Eliminate enemy units to earn experience points to upgrade your tiny army. Destroy their bases to win. Make the best score you can and share it with your friends on social networks or just spend some time with it when you have nothing else …


Flip it v1.2

Flip it

Flip it v1.2 – It is a simple and cool puzzle game, at each level you will see some coins.Some coins are black while others are white. When you click on any coin, it will be flipped to the opposite color and also the next connected coins in both horizontal and vertical directions will be flipped to the opposite color.To …


Jelly Runner v1.0.4

Jelly Runner

Jelly Runner v1.0.4 – Planet Jelly has always been known as a jolly warm place where nice funny Jellies lived. The sun was always shining there making the Planet the best place to live in. They lived in harmony and respect, no quarrels occurred there. But once wicked pieces of ice came and conquered the Jelly. The cruel reign of …


Police Rush v1.0.3

Police Rush

Police Rush v1.0.3 – Player drives the car by multiband road. The car needs to avoid other vehicles. Player can use skills and collect bonuses that help him to reach the goal. The goal of the game is to drive as long as possible and don’t crash. Player can launch a rocket from the car. Rocket will destroy one vehicle …


Candy Crusher v1.0.3

Candy Crusher

Candy Crusher v1.0.3 – Sunny fluffy Crasher lives in Sweetie Land. His forth tooth appeared the other day and now he can nible candies endlessly. Let’s help him eat as much candies as possible! Version: 1.0.3 File Size: 3 MB Compatible: BlackBerry Device with Resolution 480 x 800 (Torch 9850, 9560) Download Candy Crusher v1.0.3 OTA (http://url.prohp.net/rxxad) Offline BlackBerry World …


Shark Attack v1.3

Shark Attack

Shark Attack v1.3 – Explore the deep sea and collect The Hidden Treasures. Shark Attack is an awesome action based Treasure Hunt game mixed with the fun & excitement of underwater adventures. A young underwater diver is in quest of all the precious hidden treasures in the deep waters. But he has to face a deadly, man-eating Shark in his …


Hippo Jump v1.0.1

Hippo Jump

Hippo Jump v1.0.1 – Hippo is the hero of “Hippo Jump” a brand new wonderful game now available on BlackBerry. Hippo jump is an endless jumping game; an amazing journey up to the heights, continuously jumping from one platform to another while avoiding obstacles. Laugh with delight as you play with cute little Hippo and make ever high scores. Be …


Rodeo Stars v1.0.104

Rodeo Stars

Rodeo Stars v1.0.104 – With Rodeo Star you will become a real cowboy, ride these furious animals and try to tame them when the rodeo starts. The fiercest fighting bulls are awaiting to knock you down and humiliate you. What are you waiting for? Show your skills! Playing Rodeo Star you will put yourself in a cowboy’s shoes and feel …


Minigolf Crazy Championship v1.0.101.1

Minigolf Crazy Championship

Minigolf Crazy Championship v1.0.101.1 – Welcome to the Crazy Minigolf Championship! The best minigolf players of all time have arrived through time and space and from the most surprising locations to compete in this fantastic tournament. One of the most respected inventors of all-time, Rufus Magnatus, has created the most unreal minigolf courses for this Crazy Minigolf Championship. Make your …


Guess the LOGO v4.0

Guess the LOGO

Guess the LOGO v4.0 – We can see various company logos every day and everywhere. On TV, walking along the street, in magazines… simply everywhere! How many of them are we able to recognize? This game tests your memory skills and adds fun to your daily schedule. Explore the game and see which brands fancy you, which ones you are …