Jelly Crush v1.2

Jelly Crush

Jelly Crush v1.2 – “Jelly Crush” introduces to a delicious world of addictive puzzles. It’s a delight for both your eyes & tongue. 😉 Match at least 3 or more similar colored Jellies on the grid to destroy them. This game’s unlimited gameplay keeps you hooked for hours. It’s gonna be tough for you to only play with those beautiful …


Jigsaw Kids v1.9

Jigsaw Kids

Jigsaw Kids v1.9 – Classic Jigsaw, specially adapted for game play by Kids. Complete the image by swapping tiles. Simple game design, easy levels and vibrant game images, everything to make it the ideal Jigsaw app for kids. Spend some fun time with your kids unscrambling these beautiful and vivid images. Features: * Multiple Difficulty levels * Preview – so …


Panda Escape v1.0

Panda Escape

Panda Escape v1.0 – Whom do Ninjas hate the most? The Pandas. This hatred has attained a new level. The Ninjas are out to kill the Panda and wipe his trace off this planet. Would you be able to ward the blood thirsty Ninjas off the Panda? Or would the Panda meet his fate at the hands of his detractors? …


Flip it v1.2

Flip it

Flip it v1.2 – It is a simple and cool puzzle game, at each level you will see some coins.Some coins are black while others are white. When you click on any coin, it will be flipped to the opposite color and also the next connected coins in both horizontal and vertical directions will be flipped to the opposite color.To …


Guess the LOGO v4.0

Guess the LOGO

Guess the LOGO v4.0 – We can see various company logos every day and everywhere. On TV, walking along the street, in magazines… simply everywhere! How many of them are we able to recognize? This game tests your memory skills and adds fun to your daily schedule. Explore the game and see which brands fancy you, which ones you are …


Math Marathon v1.0

Math Marathon

Math Marathon v1.0 – This is one of those intuitive “mathematical” Games that help you explore and enlighten your brain with the fun of solving math problems. You can practice different types of math like Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division etc. This Challenging math training app adorn mental arithmetic for all ages and also keeps brain active & sharp with your …


2048 x Three v1.0.3

2048 x Three

2048 x Three v1.0.3 – 2048 x Three inspired number merging tile moving puzzle game with lots of features. One of the best version of the classic number swiping games for your BlackBerry. Two games modes 2048, always join the same numbers to merge tiles, 2+2=4, 4+4=8 etc. You can keep playing after 2048 Threes, in this mode you get …


Daddy Was A Thief v1.0

Daddy Was A Thief

Daddy Was A Thief v1.0 – Begin playing right away and help Daddy take home some money! Daddy was a thief comes to you from the developers of your favorite BlackBerry games. You need to help Daddy run around in the museum. He needs to take the money back to home for his kids. As Daddy runs, he encounters the …


2048 Classic v1.3

2048 Classic

2048 Classic v1.3 – ‘2048 Classic’ is the game you have been waiting for your entire life. Seldom does a game come across on Blackberry that is as simple, as fun, and as refreshing as ‘2048 Classic’. – Match the tiles of same number in the same line. – They combine to form a number that is the sum of …


Bubble Bash Mania v1.0

Bubble Bash Mania

Bubble Bash Mania v1.0 – Travel from the hot islands of Saint-Tropez to the icy breezes of Ice Station and solve bubble puzzles along the way! Match bubbles of the same color and shoot them down! Set sail and become a bubble-bashing master in this new free and fun bubble-shooter puzzle adventure game! Game Features: o Discover 200 free bubble-bashing …