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Dog Plumber v1.0.2

Dog Plumber

Dog Plumber v1.0.2 – Plumber, it is one among the many games of its kind in the games market, but one of the best. This puzzle game uses pipes to form each of its unique puzzle. Rotate the pipes in a certain manner to define the path for the water, to flow and pour through the shower once you open …


Bubble Burst v1.1.4

Bubble Burst

Bubble Burst v1.1.4 – Bubble Burst, a game with unique properties. Based on the properties of a bubble this game is very interesting. In the game are four colors red, green, yellow & blue, arranged respectively according to their burst-ability, red with the highest burst-ability. Break all the bubbles. Tapping on a red bubble would immediately break it into four …


Guess the LOGO v3.0

Guess the LOGO

Guess the LOGO v3.0 – We can see various company logos every day and everywhere. On TV, walking along the street, in magazines… simply everywhere! How many of them are we able to recognize? This game tests your memory skills and adds fun to your daily schedule. Explore the game and see which brands fancy you, which ones you are …