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Minecraft Seeds Pro v5.0.0 for iPhone/iPad

Minecraft Seeds Pro v5.0.0 – This is the one and only ultimate app for you to get the seeds you always searched for! From beautiful landscapes with incredibly large waterfalls to secret caves and hidden dungeons! This app will constantly provide you the newest and very best seeds worth checking out!

Have you ever gotten bored with a map on Minecraft? Ever wanted to explore something new and beautiful or epic? This app will constantly provide you with awesome seeds worth checking out. Check them out now!

▷ Lots of SEEDS for all platforms!! iOS / Xbox / PC / Even MODS!
▷ User made creations on all platforms!!
▷ Upload your own seed/creation right from within the app!
▷ Comment/Rate/Discuss/Follow other users – be part of a MASSIVE community of more than 7M users!
▷ Search users by their Mojang username or Xbox gamertag and get in contact!
▷ Universal app, buy once, install on all your iOS devices for free
▷ NEW seeds and updates FREE of charge!

This is an official Minecraft app supported by Mojang. With this you are ensured to get all the latest and highest quality seeds available!

Minecraft Seeds Pro v5.0.0

Minecraft Seeds Pro v5.0.0 for iPhone/iPad

What’s New in Version 5.0.0

BIG UPDATE! Don’t forget to update to take part in all the awesome new features! 🙂

— NEW features
– BRAND NEW PM REVAMP! Now FINALLY possible to PM multiple users and followers at the same time! Swipe to delete old PM sessions that are taking up space on your PM list. Choose to toggle notifications on/off for each PM session individually, and more!! Check it out!! Remember that everyone must follow each other first in order to start the Group PM.

– NEW comment additions! Now possible to Upvote/Downvote comments you feel deserve more/less credibility and visibility. Makes it possible to much easier moderate comments of uploads and filter out bad comments and lift up great comments for great visibility.

– DESIGN overhaul! Now fits the iOS7 look and feel much better with a much flatter and cleaner UI.
– Brand new Online/Offline indicators inside profiles so you can now finally see who is Online and who is Offline directly in the app! Can chose to opt-out from inside profile settings.
– Finally possible to LINK to specific uploads using URLs! App can now be launched from anywhere, anytime on the web and other apps using the custom unique app URL ”seeds://”. Also possible to launch an upload directly using its own custom URL (For example ”seeds://sgM0QzN_”). To get an upload’s URL, simply tap the ”Share” button in the upload’s page and then choose ”Copy URL”. This will copy the URL for that specific upload to your pasteboard. Then simply paste it anywhere to share. (Can be tested out in the iOS Safari app)
– New automatic comments updater. Will now automatically fetch and display new comments in an upload when sorted by newest without having to manually refresh the upload!
– Added server side views counter for uploads.
– Added new channels to Video section, specifically iHasCupQuake’s & SethBling’s channels. (Noticeable before the update)
– Added notification badges to app on the homescreen.

— OTHER improvements
– Replaced Mojang account linking verification due to deprecated API, now finally fully compatible with all Minecraft versions (PC/PE/etc). Removed password authentication.
– Comments timestamp is now more precise and shows time from seconds and up.
– Flipped skin thumbnail images so New-label doesn’t cover the face of the skin (Noticeable before the update)
– Resize now affects all images in the upload so no need to resize each image individually anymore.
– Brand new section ”Off topic” where all things off topic can be discussed. Roleplays, stories and more!
– New sections to creations! You can now finally filter out the creations by platform, PC/PE/Xbox!
– Skins now got their own subsections, filter skins by superheroes, cartoon characters and other fun choices.
– Tweaked and improved profanity filter.

— BUGS fixed
– Finally COMPLETELY squashed the avatar reset bug! After a looong battle the bug should not occur anymore, if it still does for some reason don’t hesitate to let us know and we’ll look into it asap!
– Fixed animation when swiping between upload images.
– Fixed bug where uploading seeds that were automatically converted to their number equivalent would sometimes not appear in the search box. Uploads that are from now on converted will be searchable as well like normal.
– Fixes bug with not being able to reply to some people.
– Searchfield not working after receiving an in app notification.
– Fixed music parodies in Videos section not showing all videos.
– Badges of new featured seeds always showing when restarting app.
– Issue which could cause multiple ’Oops’ popups to appear.
– iOS7 bug where comments would sometimes chop off the last character of the text.
– Rare case where some names would not show in the app (Hopefully they should appear everywhere in the app now, if not let us know and we’ll look into it asap).
– Rare bug where multiple new PM badges could sometimes popup in the menu.
– Other various fixes and improvements.

Version: 5.0.0
Size: 6.0 MB
Required: iOS 4.3 or later

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