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foursquare v5.5.29


foursquare v5.5.29 – Foursquare helps you and your friends make the most of where you are. Join the over 25 million people who are already on Foursquare and download the free app! ✓ Share and record the places you visit. ✓ Search for the best places to go. ✓ Get personalized recommendations and deals based on where you and friends …


Goal.com v6.2


Goal.com v6.2 – The Goal.com app brings you the latest news direct from our worldwide network of reporters, with exclusive content, interviews, transfer gossip, live scores and much more from the world of football. No matter where you are or what you’re doing, you will be able to get all of the latest football news within seconds, with the Goal.com …


Camera Timer – Silent Camera v4.1

Camera Timer - Silent Camera

Camera Timer – Silent Camera v4.1 – Camera Timer is a convenient and perfect tool to provide some delay before clicking a photograph. With the application, you can also take multiple pictures at once by specifying the time interval between consecutive photos. You can provide a delay of upto 20 seconds and can take upto 10 photographs with a single …


WeChat v3.6


WeChat v3.6 – WeChat is the complete mobile communication and social networking app. Free, cross-platform, and full-featured, WeChat is the best way to keep in touch with everyone you care about. Available on OS5, 6, 7, 10.1 or above. Features – Fun one-on-one and group chats with voice messages, texts, pictures. – Chat with friends across platforms. – Supports multiple …


Super Flashlight v2.0

Super Flashlight

Super Flashlight v2.0 – Use Super Flashlight to enhance visibility in any dark spot you want. Quick turn-on and easy to install, it will use your camera flash if you have one, otherwise it will use your screen delivering a powerful light beam. Once you try it you are going to love it! You won’t be lost in the dark …


ShutUp Camera – Silent Camera Mute v1.1.1

ShutUp Camera - Silent Camera Mute

ShutUp Camera – Silent Camera Mute v1.1.1 – This app mutes the actual BlackBerry Camera App! Yes, for real. Unlike other apps that takes low resolution screenshots to silently take pictures, ShutUp Camera lets you use the same BlackBerry Camera app but simply mutes the shutter sound. That means, you can still use all the familiar features of the native …


Recycle Bin v1.2

Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin v1.2 – Want to recover that “accidentally” Deleted Email or Contact? Cant seem to find your important Notes, Task or Memos and afraid that it was accidentally deleted about a month back!? Here comes RECYCLE BIN for BlackBerry! Recover Deleted Mails, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks, Memos etc even after weeks of deletion! No more Accidental Deletion and fretting about …


QR Code v2.0.3

QR Code

QR Code v2.0.3 – QR Code is an application that can scan/read and generate/write website URL’s, plain text, phone number, email address, contact, calendar, task and any other alphanumeric data in or to QR Code. You can easily to generate or read the QR Code by using this application which provides you an easy way to generate and scan your …


Clock Locker Pro v2.5.7

Clock Locker Pro

Clock Locker Pro v2.5.7 – Clock Locker Pro is a keyboard locker application designed to meet 3 features: Simple, Light and Customizable This application introduces 2 different locking mechanism: Underneath Lock and Topmost Lock. The underneath locking mode allow pop-up screen of other apps to appeared on the locking screen, while the topmost locking mode will not allow any pop-up …