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Ministry of the zodiac wallpaper for BlackBerry 99xx (640×480)

Ministry of the zodiac wallpaper for BlackBerry 99xx (640×480) – Zodiac was created by the ancient Babylonian astrology from 1645 BC. 12 zodiac circle with 12 perfectly adequate provision for four seasons and 12 months.

According to the astronomers of ancient times, over a period of about 30-31 days, the sun will go through a special twelve constellations. Who was born during sun enters the constellation is the constellation that they will premiere their destiny and personality constellations were also affected. 12 constellations made ​​up of 12 provided in the zodiac circle, which means “The path of the sun”. According to West, this circle is called Horoscope. Greek Zodiac – “Circle of the mascot.”

Another way of expressing style and flair extremely nicely on your BlackBerry with the symbol of the zodiac. This will be the best choice for those who love and are “followers” of 12 star sign.

Some pictures:
1. Aries – Aries and Aries, corresponding to the constellation Aries, which rams (from 21 / 3-19 / 4)

2. Taurus – Taurus, corresponding to the constellation Taurus, or bull (from 20 / 4-20 / 5)

3. Gemini – Gemini (Song Nam), corresponding to the constellation Gemini, or two twin boys (from 21 / 5-21 / 6)

4. Cancer – Cancer, or Northern League, corresponding to the constellation Cancer, the crab away (from 22/6 – View 22/7)

5. Leo – The Lion, the constellation corresponding to the Customs Division, (from day 23/7 -> 22/8)

6. Virgo – Virgo (The Virgin, Virgo), corresponding to the constellation Virgo, (from 23/8 – View 22/9)

7. Libra – Libra or Libra, corresponding to the constellation Libra, which scales (from 23 / 9-23 / 10)

8. Scorpio – Scorpio or Shennong, God Bill, Scorpio, corresponding to the constellation Scorpius, the scorpion in the form, (from 24/10 -> 21/11)

9. Sagittarius – Sagittarius or Gunner, archers, corresponding to the constellation Sagittarius, (from 22 / 11-21 / 12)

10. Capricornus – Capricorn, corresponding to the constellation Capricorn, the goat away tailed fish (from 22/12 – 19/1)

11. Aquarius – Aquarius, or Binh Thuy corresponding to the constellation Aquarius, the water bearer News (20/1 – 18/2)

12. Pisces – Pisces, corresponding to the constellation Pisces, two fish swimming in the opposite direction (19/2 -> 20/3)

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